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Today’s image is courtesy of Aquadynamics. They are pool service company covering everything from cleaning, maintenance to repairs. They love what they do, and their work is evident of that. They recommend staying on top of your pool’s hygiene all season long because it doesn’t take long for it to start deteriorating.

When it comes to keeping a pool crystal clear, it’s vital that you use the correct chemicals. If the wrong chemicals and cleaning materials are used, it will affect the outcome of your pool. To make sure you’re using the correct tools for your pool, it’s best to read your owners manual but if you’re still unsure, consult your local pool service, provider. They should have plenty of experience and expertise in regards to what your pool needs.

The owner of Aquadynamics recommends you do your research before hiring any pool company if you don’t, you leave yourself vulnerable to the pool companies that are just there to make a quick buck.

Picking The Right Pool Company:

When it comes to picking the right pool company, the best thing you can do is ask lots of questions. But the only way you can ask a lot of questions is if you have basic knowledge of your pool and what is required to keep it clean. Do yourself a favor and read up on your specific type of pool so you can’t easily be taken advantage of. A bad pool company will have a difficult time answering all of your questions and will certainly try to avoid it.

Be careful of any pool company that tries to rush you, the best pool companies will be more than happy to answer all of your questions and take the time to make sure you’re fully aware of the benefits of proper pool maintenance. There are plenty of resources online that can give you a better understanding of pool services as a whole. Specifically, we recommend Aquadynamics, they have a wonderful website with lots of information. Check them out here.

Next, it’s very wise to invest in weekly or bi-weekly pool cleaning, depending on the amount of effort you personally want to put into keeping your pool clean. If you elect to have a pool company clean your pool every other week, there will be some minor tasks you will have to do for your pool in the off weeks of your service. The truth is, swimming pools require a lot of work and they are definitely time-consuming. For this reason, if you aren’t up to the task of keeping your pool clean on off weeks, it might be more beneficial for you to have an ethical pool company clean your pool every week.

An often overlooked benefit of having weekly maintenance is your pool company will be able to identify any issues that come about in a timely manner. The last thing you want is an unnoticed pool problem. Pool problems typically start with minor damage or repair needs, the longer it sits unnoticed, the more prone you are to a major repair resulting in more money.

For more information, again we recommend looking online and doing your own research or checking out

Here is an image of a beautifully cleaned and maintained pool.

A clean pool is a happy pool 🙂

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